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  1. MDC add-on for Google Earth.

    I was going to put this on a new computer and now both links wont work, anyone have another one?
  2. Private or public

    North and south east of canton there are quite a few large islands, are those able to be bowhunted public land or all private?
  3. Private or public

    Will do, looks like a lot of the islands have farm land on them.
  4. MDC add-on for Google Earth.

    That worked great thanks.
  5. MDC add-on for Google Earth.

    Where did the file go to download?
  6. Rutt Report?

    Good deal, were gonna be in a tree sunday morning.
  7. Weekend forcast

    We are leaving out friday or saturday heading to lewistown to get in a tree, what are the bucks up to?
  8. Annual hunt

    Its not to far off for out annual hunt to lewis county. This will mark our 5th year making this trip and we look forward to it all year. We ill me leaving MS on Nov 8th and hunting until the 14th, What are the bucks doing right now?
  9. Annual hunt

    There has been crops still in the fields every year that we have been coming, I kinda like it verus hunting here in Ms when everything is already cut.
  10. Annual hunt

    The first two years that we came was the first week in Nov and seemed to be a hair early. The next year we decided on one week later and man there was a difference in seeing bucks on their feet. We always enjoy our hunt no matter if we kill or not, the land, people are just as good as you are going to find.
  11. Muddy safeguard harness

    I have three XL muddy safeguard safety harness in the pack. $69 will ship on your dime and through paypal.
  12. Curiousity!,, Gonna open a can of worms!

    No deer has ever been lost due to a head failing, deer are lost because of bad hits.
  13. what kind of broadhead do you shoot?

    2 blade rage hypodermics and they are deadly.
  14. NE Mo

    How is the hunting in the NE corner been being so far, were heading that way Nov 7 to try and put a wall hanger down?
  15. NE Mo

    We love it, its the most beautiful place that I have ever hunted. I am really interested in trying to gain permission to hunt some private ground and do not mind coming up and working on and or bringing someone some metal in return for the rights to hunt.
  16. NE Mo

    Well be hunting deer ridge mainly, but the last day we are gonna see if we can get some permission to hunt some private land on some more trips this year. I own a metal roofing and steel building manufacturing business and Im hoping that I can do some trading out on something like on some hunting rights.
  17. Clothing wash??

    I wash mine it DDW, scent killer, scent away, execute just whatever I have but I think the most important thing is keeping them in a scent proof tote while not in use.
  18. NE Mo

    Were looking forward to it, you guys have some of the best hunting that I have ever seen. We are hoping for some good luck to be on our side.
  19. Archery only area

    Making my 4th trip back to you guys great state again about the 1st week in Nov. I have always hunted deer ridge conservation area the week before rifle season opens up and always catch the rut a week early, which archery only area around in the north east zone do you guys think would be the best or just the biggest with more land for more stand opportunities?
  20. Archery only area

    We have usually went around the 2nd and have had good luck but seemed to have caught the rut a hair early so were gonna try a little later. Any of you guys been getting any good bucks on camera?
  21. Archery only area

    Looks like we will be hitting it right after the youth season.
  22. Archery only area

    I am glad you told me that because I sure didnt know that, We may just end up going back to deer ridge unless I can find a good archery only area.
  23. Archery only area

    We have been hunting deer ridge for about 4 yrs but we always catch the rut a week early when we were coming Nov 2-10 so we are going to try and go the 8-12 and see if we can catch it a little better. But thats why we were wanting to go to an archery only area beings that rifle season will be in full swing. I didnt know if any of you guys had been to an archery only are in the NE zone to give me a little insight?
  24. Lewis county action

    Whats the latest on the rut in lewis county, headed that way for tomorrow for a straight week of nothing but chasing whitetails.
  25. Lewis county action

    Well a week long hunt with 18 people not seeing but a handful of shooters means the deer were not moving. Dont know what the problem was, I mean the weather was perfect, in great spots but the deer just did not show themselves.