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  1. Love bass fishing. You got some nice ones there. WTG. :cool:I bet that snapping turtle put up a bit of a serious fight?
  2. Congrats Haley!
  3. :laughcry: Me too. :duh:Hope your finger get better quick spearfisher.
  4. Go get em Mo!
  5. Awesome. :thumbup:Thats something I also wanna do some day.
  6. COngrats to you both griz :thumbup:Lovely bird.
  7. I\'m glad you guys are enjoying it. I\'ll post a couple more later this afternoon. :thumbup:Vic, yes generally most towns are still clean tidy places to some extent, but it doesnt compare to pre-1994.
  8. This one :ar15:
  9. Wanted to try and import a couple awhile back.... until I saw what it would cost me.
  10. I love gardening. Especially if someone else is doing it.
  11. More pics to follow soon. Just taking a breather.
  12. The old Post Office And the very haunted Lord Milner Hotel
  13. The old station at Matjiesfontein.
  14. Some old cars in Matjiesfontein