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  1. Longbow and flintlock bucks

    Great story and pictures. I enjoyed it.
  2. Buck Down!!

    Dandy. Congrats.
  3. Otto\'s Hunting Journal

    Thanks MH, Well.....opening weekend sucked. Virtually no deer movement. Bailey and I saw two does Saturday evening and she couldn't get a good sight picture on either one. Trying Illinois this coming weekend. 8 of us hunted and one doe was taken. Only two bucks sighted the whole weekend.
  4. Otto\'s Hunting Journal

    Leaving tomorrow for Northern Missouri. Taking Dad to Doc appointment then we are headed north. Picking up My daughter at Mizzou....she loves gun season and is excited. I can't decide on the 25-06 or the RRA LAR .308. I should sell all of my deer guns except one so I don't have to take two or three along every year. My .308 I custom dura-coated. 25-06
  5. First BP pistol kill!

    That, my friend, is a beautiful pistol. I love it.
  6. Otto\'s Hunting Journal

    4 bucks i am after. 1. huge old buck 2. Young stud.....nice brows. 3. Another 8 and looks mature. 4. A little spindley, but I will take him given the chance.
  7. Otto\'s Hunting Journal

    Doe taken with River's Edge Retro Recurve. October 18th, 7:11 a.m., 2014. 12 yards from Walkabout harness 20 feet up.
  8. Traditional kill

    Got a doe Saturday morning out of my tree harness with my recurve.
  9. What am I finding???

    You can tell a little. A doe probably didn't do it.
  10. Where is everyone located?

    I'm from Ste. Genevieve. Been teaching here for 23 years. Hunted Mark Twain Lake for a few years, Lease in Dent County for 2, Lease above Kirksville for 5, for several years now I gun hunt in Moberly with my cousin and Bow hunt all season in Southern Illinois.
  11. Deer Hunting with a Bow is Much More Rewarding!

    I love bow hunting and yes.......it is more rewarding I suppose, but I still like to sit with my muzzle loader, pistol, and rifle. Some guys will tell you a small buck with a longbow is much more rewarding than a big ole mossy horned buck with a rifle, and I will admit that my standards of what I will or will not shoot changes with the weapon I choose, but there is a more relaxed feeling sitting with an accurate rifle and knowing that if he shows up there is a good chance you will get him. Otto
  12. Otto\'s Hunting Journal

    Some of our earliest hunts occurred at Mark Twain Lake.......wasn't even a lake yet as you can see in the pictures. The salt river was just starting to back up and fill it in. We drug many deer across that lake bottom before we had to start using a boat to get to our hunting area. Eventually we were crowded out by other hunters and I gave it up to hunt elsewhere. My uncle still hunts there occasionally. The first of these pics were from around 1982 I believe. Dad standing on Spalding boat ramp. Bob, Dad, and I ready to head out. My first deer. Dad with a doe. Dad with a 8 point. Cousin Rick with a huge 10 pointer. Dad and I went back years later and hunted one weekend. I had taken up handgun hunting.
  13. Birds

    They are back up.....I lost them all when I reorganized my photobucket account. Otto
  14. Otto\'s Hunting Journal

    Blast from the past. Back in 2005, My Dad and Uncle killed the two biggest bucks we have ever taken on government ground. Dad took a huge 9 pointer with his crossbow. Sat for 7 days without seeing a deer when this big ole boy strolled by. Uncle took this 8 year old buck with a shotgun.
  15. All of my pics in my hunting log were screwed up or missing. I think I did it when reorganizing my photobucket account. Took me about 2 and a half hours to straighten them all out and add some new stuff. Otto