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  1. Four this morng

  2. My 2016 Flintlock Longbeard

    Congrats Darrin
  3. Wish us luck this eve

    Good luck
  4. Live rabbit trapping for relocation?

    use box traps so the animal doesn't get too wired up during transport.... Salt will bring rabbits in too, but u've gotta have the habitat to sustain along with getting rid of the pesky critters that like rabbit....
  5. My birthday bull moose!

    NIce shootin!!!!! Sure will be good eater
  6. More smokepole squirrels

    Good eatin rite dar
  7. Ok My New Gun?

    My wife bought me a benelli nova for a turkey gun a few years back.... hated the thing.... sold it and bought a gun that would pattern...
  8. trapping land

    Where u located?
  9. Any poults

    quite a few
  10. Went To The River

  11. Are you ready?

    Ummmmm, yup.... only kicker.... the ONLY camper in MTNF in my neck of the woods is parked right on top of where I had planned on being in the morning..... :C
  12. Daughters first hunt

    taking a buddy's son to try and get his first bird.... got close youth season, but didn't close the deal...
  13. Mo elk season coming.

  14. Daughter got her mount back

  15. What gun, choke, shell do you use?

    had a buddy buy a tristar raptor, came out to shoot it last weekend, we had to send it back to factory.... a foot low at 20 yds...
  16. It's Friday AND The First Day Of Spring!

    Trappers Assn spring meeting... spring cleaning...
  17. So, which one is your fave?

    Turkeys... hands down....
  18. 2014/2015 Deer contest winners

    Congrats to Team 4. team 1 took 2nd place Angus...
  19. Spoonbill

    Yummy... I need to go....
  20. MDC's Archer's Survey

    not a fan of them taking away any limits already set forth... reducing buck harvest will do nothing for population control, which is job of the conservation department. As stated before, a very minute portion actually take 3 a year anyway, but don't take away my opportunity to do so.... if they do reduce my opportunity, I expect a reduction in permit price...
  21. 2014/15 deer contest entry thread

    got a rifle doe, forgot pic b4 I dropped it off.... Army MP and Cgoff can verify.... that's my five....
  22. 2 Mississippi deer down!

    takes a lot of dog size deer to fill a freezer, lol Congrats
  23. Buck Down!!