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  1. sweet
  2. Congrats Darrin
  3. Good luck
  4. use box traps so the animal doesn't get too wired up during transport.... Salt will bring rabbits in too, but u've gotta have the habitat to sustain along with getting rid of the pesky critters that like rabbit....
  5. NIce shootin!!!!! Sure will be good eater
  6. Good eatin rite dar
  7. My wife bought me a benelli nova for a turkey gun a few years back.... hated the thing.... sold it and bought a gun that would pattern...
  8. Where u located?
  9. quite a few
  10. niice
  11. Ummmmm, yup.... only kicker.... the ONLY camper in MTNF in my neck of the woods is parked right on top of where I had planned on being in the morning..... :C
  12. taking a buddy's son to try and get his first bird.... got close youth season, but didn't close the deal...