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  1. Grouping???

    At what range is the group ok? Would you hunt with it? For reference, the center circle is 6 inches.
  2. So, which one is your fave?

    Rut! I've grown up hunting deer and some of my earliest memories as a child are sitting in a tree stand with Grandpa. I've never really gotten into turkey hunting, but that's mainly because I don't like to eat it.
  3. Daughter got her mount back

    That's an Awesome buck!
  4. DIY Colorado Elk Hunt

    Well allow me to consume the next several evenings on your life..... http://cpw.state.co.us/learn/Pages/EHU.aspx Everything you have ever wanted to know about Colorado Elk hunting all in one place. I'm about 1/2 way through chapter 1 now.
  5. DIY Colorado Elk Hunt

    Has anyone had the opportunity to go out to Colorado for one of the Over the Counter elk hunts? I am beginning to plan an archery hunt for 2016 and am attempting to begin narrowing down what units to look at. Any information and pointers would be extremely appreciated!
  6. How far do you practice?

    For the last 10 years, my max range and furthest pin has always been 40 yards. I have just recently bought a new sight, and have started to push myself out when I practice. In the last few weeks I have dialed in my 60 and 70 yard pins. I would never take a shot at an animal at that range, but my method if thinking is If I can make 70 yards comfortable, then 40 will become my new 20 yard shot!
  7. Mo elk season coming.

    Any word on if they are still on to start the draw in 2016? I have finally convinced the wife to let me go out to Colorado in 2016 for an Archery DIY elk hunt. Would be really cool to do it in my home state!
  8. Why is bow season closed during regular season?

    You can hunt with a bow during Rifle season, but you must do so while wearing Orange and with a Firearms tag in your pocket. I do agree, some of it will have to do with money, but as Sassyred stated, it has to do with people not filling all 3 tags during rifle season.
  9. I'm Back!

    It's been a few years since I have felt the warm embrace of Shomeoutdoors! I have since changed jobs, moved, changed jobs again, etc etc. I'm now a regional sales rep for Snap-on Diagnostics. It keeps me busy throughout the week due to covering Kansas City and Des Moines, but the bright side is, I finally have a job where the weekends are MINE!!!!!! I look forward to getting back out and enjoying what Missouri has to offer! So, What have I missed?
  10. 2013 Deer Contest-Sign Up Here

    I\'m in! Hopefully I will get to hunt more than 3 days this year.
  11. Missouri OFF ROAD Fuel Tax Refunds....

    How do you prove it was offroad and not just put into you car?
  12. Motorcycle roads?

    N Highway does look pretty good. I might have to give it a shot. Seems like some of the roads along the bluffs can be pretty decent, but most are littered with pottholes.
  13. Motorcycle roads?

    Up here in Northwest Missouri you are hard pressed to find more than 2 turns in a 10 mile stretch of black top. Anyone know of some good twisty roads either down around the Lake of the Ozarks region or around Kansas City?
  14. Couple Fan Mounts

    What\'s the difference between the Ok/KS birds and the missouri Bird? Different breeds or just different coloration of fans?
  15. But then I came home to this!The landlords cows broke down the main gate and came home to 40 plus cows in the front yard, the bean field, the road.... everywhere! Took 2 hours to get them all back. No idea how long they were out, but they made a good dent in my lawns height!