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  1. Everybody ready for this weekend?

    Yeah, the weather I\'m seeing is calling for chances of rain either Friday or Saturday, but I\'m waiting until closer to time to make sure.
  2. Gotta brag on my new Smith!

    Went to a gun show this weekend and picked up new factory magna grips for the gun. Gives it a little different look. The rubber grips are nice for long range session, but cosmetically, I\'ve never been a big fan. I\'ve also got a couple custom exotic wood sets in the works for it too. More pictures to come....
  3. Everybody ready for this weekend?

    Count me in as \"ready\". Got my new .25-06 with the Vortex Vyper sighted in. My A-bolt never loses zero, so I\'m bringing it as a backup. Probably bring the Desert Eagle in case I get a chance for a pistol shot. I got the trailer loaded up with my Honda Big Red 3-wheeler, stand, coolers, and what not. All I have left is to pack my clothes and hook up the trailer. I\'ll be headed out straight from work on Thursday afternoon headed to the fort.If anyone is in the Waynesville/Fort Leonard Wood area, we eat breakfast and supper every day at Smitty\'s. Come look me up!
  4. Gotta brag on my new Smith!

    I called Smith, gave them my SN, and they said it\'s one of the very first ones produced in 1975. Goes nicely with my 1976 Colt Python.
  5. Gotta brag on my new Smith!

    The Model 66 is actually just the stainless version of the Model 19. They started making Model 19s in 1957 in blued or nickel finish. Then in 1970 they offered the Model 19 in stainless changed the name to the Model 66. It was the Model 66 until 1977 when the made their first change to the model and it started the 66-1. They kept making changes all the way to 66-7 and Smith stopped making this gun in 2005.
  6. Gotta brag on my new Smith!

  7. Gotta brag on my new Smith!

    Well I\'ve been looking for one of these for a long time. S&W Model 66s are hard enough to come by since they\'re no longer made, but finding the original variant without the dash is even harder. As S&W started cutting costs, they started added the dashed variants, so the no-dash models always have a bit of a premium, no matter what model they are. So here she is...
  8. Muzzle loader season

    I\'m a pretty big muzzleloader hunter. I use the T/C Encore Pro Hunter and you\'re right, those T/Cs are extremely accurate for a muzzleloader. But the MLs that you\'re describing are going to take a lot more steady hand than the new inlines.My experience is that people who get nervous fall in two categories. Those who see a deer, get nervous, and the longer they watch it, the more they can calm themselves down. Or the others who get more nervous the longer they watch the deer. I get nervous initially when I see the deer, but the longer I have to sit and wait for the shot, the more I can calm myself down for the shot. Slow, deep breaths work best for me. And telling myself that it\'s just a deer and not life or death helps too. But mostly practice, seeing deer more often, and getting more shots will help the most.
  9. 9mm Carbine For Hogs

    One of the guys in our group killed a 200lb sow with a Makarov two years ago. The Makarov round is 9x18 which is in between a .380 and a 9mm. So I know with the right shot placement it has been done with smaller calibers than 9mm. I still haven\'t decided what to do yet though.
  10. Which mount for my buck...

    They mount it to a plaque shaped like the state where it was shot or any other shape and they engrave a metal tag with your name, date, where it was shot, and caliber used.I\'m gonna give it a try if I get a nice on this year.
  11. 9mm Carbine For Hogs

    Well, I guess I\'ll continue looking. For some reason, I\'m at a stage in my gun collecting that I want a gun to be able to perform more than one purpose. I\'m not big on possum or coyote hunting, so the CX4 would basically just be something fun to take the range. I\'ve got too many different pistols to use for HD, so the CX4 is really out for that purpose too. I\'ve been rolling around the idea of one of those bargain bin ARs from CMMG too. Potential use would be a range toy, but I\'d feel comfortable taking head shots on hogs at 40 yards with one of those!
  12. 9mm Carbine For Hogs

    I have plenty of fun like I\'m doing for right now, and the muzzleloader has dropped two in their tracks the last two years. But I\'m just trying to get some thoughts on whether a 9mm carbine, with the right ammo and under the right conditions, could successfully be used for hogs.I\'ve got a cabinet full of rifles that would easily be enough for hog hunting. I\'m not asking the question because it would be the only thing I\'d have that could potentially be used. Asking to know if the CX4 could be used for an alternate purpose as well.
  13. Which mount for my buck...

    My old man had his first Euro mount done last year. He found some place in Illinois and you send them the hole head. They bury the head in some kind of trough full of worms and leave it for a few weeks and let the worms work it over. Then the skull gets bleached and you get your original skull with antlers and all. It turned out really cool and I think he said it was $125 or something. Might be worth looking into. I can get the name of place if you\'re interested.
  14. 9mm Carbine For Hogs

    Well I hog hunt with a private outfitter, so a lot of rules don\'t apply to that situation.
  15. 9mm Carbine For Hogs

    I carry the exact same gun as a sidearm when I use a muzzleloader for hogs. Never had to pull it though. I alternate rounds in my mag, FMJ, JHP, FMJ, JHP. If one doesn\'t work, surely the next one will. As to the aggressiveness, it depends on the situation. If it\'s boar and it feels threatened then you\'ll probably see some kind of bluff charge or full charge. The same for a sow that has babies close by.