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  1. I\'m goin to call him ! To tell him he better check Missouri laws before he tells some one else to do that ! You may want to call the agent in your county in Missouri to see that you need a declaration to possess the skull !!!
  2. Well that don\'t matter ! I just got off the phone with my agent ! He said if you bring it into Missouri you MUST have a declaration from an Agent to possess a skull with antlers attached !!!!!!! Sheds don\'t have to have one !
  3. Hey Deep Woods . Isn\'t illegal to possess dead deer antlers with out a tag or permit from an agent ??
  4. Truth and the outdoors

    13,514 was the total that came thru the gates in 3 days .
  5. A few pics for Falcon Girl!

    Got these on the river today . I been seeing alot of Eagles down there.
  6. It's Friday!

    Working the MTA booth at the truth and the outdoors tonight and going bass fishing tomorrow .
  7. Congrats ol\'boy ! Job well done !
  8. 2012/2013 Trappin Season

    Looks like ya had a great season ! Im still at it !
  9. It's Friday!

    Setting beaver traps !
  10. Beavers Galore !!!!!!!!

    We set 30 more traps yesterday and it payed off! Today we had 24 beavers! Now thats a Great Day and a boat load!!!!!
  11. Beavers Galore !!!!!!!!

    Its a 15 mile stretch!
  12. Beavers Galore !!!!!!!!

    Well No beavers today!! The river came up 5 ft and muddy. Hope it goes down pretty quick. Our 60, 330s are to deep to check. Hope there all still there when we go back!
  13. Beaver trappin at its best!

    I took of work yesterday at 1. So me and my buddy ran and set 22 traps 330s. ran em and set more today . Hope the river dont raise to much after this rain. We had 13 beavers outa 22 traps.
  14. It's Friday!

    Ill be settin Beaver traps and skinnin Beavers!
  15. What a nite!

    A pic of 94 coons in a [pile we caught in one nite!
  16. Smacked a New Years Eve Gobbler

  17. A few pics for Falcon Girl!

    On the Meramec rite below Sand ford .
  18. We had 14 beavers, 2 otters and 1 rat agian. The same as Sunday. Im shure the numbers are gona drop off Thursday. But still a pretty good day. WOW it was a chilly one out there today on a 18 mile run!
  19. question for you all runnin traps out of boats

    Yea I know how it is up there. I fish up that way in the summer.
  20. Well today wasnt as good as I thot!

    Yep deerman That was a real good one.
  21. Well today wasnt as good as I thot!

    It took me and my buddy 2 1/2 hours to skin everything.
  22. question for you all runnin traps out of boats

    Yep 330s all the way, I have 50 of em and my buddy has 70. What part of the river are you thinkin of trapping?
  23. New Year Resolution

    Nope! But I had my Black eyed peas today!