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  1. I\'m goin to call him ! To tell him he better check Missouri laws before he tells some one else to do that ! You may want to call the agent in your county in Missouri to see that you need a declaration to possess the skull !!!
  2. Well that don\'t matter ! I just got off the phone with my agent ! He said if you bring it into Missouri you MUST have a declaration from an Agent to possess a skull with antlers attached !!!!!!! Sheds don\'t have to have one !
  3. Hey Deep Woods . Isn\'t illegal to possess dead deer antlers with out a tag or permit from an agent ??
  4. 13,514 was the total that came thru the gates in 3 days .
  5. Got these on the river today . I been seeing alot of Eagles down there.
  6. Working the MTA booth at the truth and the outdoors tonight and going bass fishing tomorrow .
  7. Congrats ol\'boy ! Job well done !
  8. Looks like ya had a great season ! Im still at it !
  9. Setting beaver traps !
  10. We set 30 more traps yesterday and it payed off! Today we had 24 beavers! Now thats a Great Day and a boat load!!!!!
  11. Its a 15 mile stretch!
  12. Well No beavers today!! The river came up 5 ft and muddy. Hope it goes down pretty quick. Our 60, 330s are to deep to check. Hope there all still there when we go back!
  13. I took of work yesterday at 1. So me and my buddy ran and set 22 traps 330s. ran em and set more today . Hope the river dont raise to much after this rain. We had 13 beavers outa 22 traps.
  14. Ill be settin Beaver traps and skinnin Beavers!
  15. A pic of 94 coons in a [pile we caught in one nite!
  16. On the Meramec rite below Sand ford .
  17. We had 14 beavers, 2 otters and 1 rat agian. The same as Sunday. Im shure the numbers are gona drop off Thursday. But still a pretty good day. WOW it was a chilly one out there today on a 18 mile run!
  18. Yea I know how it is up there. I fish up that way in the summer.
  19. Yep deerman That was a real good one.
  20. It took me and my buddy 2 1/2 hours to skin everything.
  21. Yep 330s all the way, I have 50 of em and my buddy has 70. What part of the river are you thinkin of trapping?
  22. Nope! But I had my Black eyed peas today!