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  1. Mater report

    Will do...I dont even eat them....I like everything made out of them but just dont like em by themselves. I love growing them though and the rest of the family loves them. Tomatoes put in early will actually end up growing slower than if they were put in a little later. They thrive in the heat and dry parts. The cool weather starting out will stunt the growth and take them longer to produce. I always wait until after the 15th of April at the earliest around these parts. Grown them for alot of years now and when grandpa tells ya garden secrets ya better listen;)The best tomatoes I ever saw had a whole fish thrown in the hole under each and every plant....as it decays it will provide the best fertilizer a man can get!!
  2. Hey Everyone...

    Hang in there Mark. Wish you the best...been thinking about you. Keep pluggin it will get better!!
  3. Got my Big Boy back

    Man thats a good looking mount!! NIce bird trkyslr!!
  4. Just like that, turkey 2 is down!

    Great story!!! Cant ask for a better setup.....Congrats on the birds!!
  5. Mater report

    I will be putting mine in probably this weekend. I have been reluctant with the cold spell. I am ready to finish the garden though.
  6. Chicken of the woods

    They are awesome...if you dont want them I will eat them!
  7. Managing/Deleting Old U2U's

    Man that stinks....I had been off for a couple of days with or car wreck. I wish I would have known you were doing that Mo...I lost a ton of numbers and messages I was wanting to save. Had I known I could have taken a look at it.
  8. Kindle Fire

    What are you not a reader Shawn? I got one for Trish for Christmas and she loves it!!Bump
  9. Haley hammered a couple more!!

    WOW.....now thats AWESOME!!! Way to go Haley...and Kudos to dad for helping her get on e some birds!!:cool:
  10. Didn't mean to be rude

    Welcome and good luck with the Gobblers....you will be hooked for life!!

    Happy Bday to you too DWD!!
  12. Good morning!

    Cant beat a morning like that!!
  13. Wyoming

    DIY is on my list as well. I will be making a trip out there for sure!!!
  14. Happy Easter from our family to yours........

    Happy late Easter...I missed this last night...lol.
  15. the land down under

    Wow....awesome pics....and beautiful family. Sounds like a great way to see some country!! I have always wanted to visit Australia.