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  1. New Tag Format

    So, I just bought mine and Dad's turkey tags and they're now printed on PRINTER PAPER! So if they get wet or torn, too bad. It says on the bottom of the paper that you can use the app rather than carrying the piece of paper, but Dad has a basic phone, so that's out for him. What do you folks think about the new permit format?
  2. Counting The Days

    My brother asked me yesterday if I'd take his 9 year old during youth season. He'll be taking his 14 year old. Now I'm SUPER excited for season to get here ??
  3. Let's see those gardens!

    I'm thinking about getting Mom a small 6'x6' greenhouse for Mother's Day. I'd rather build her a raised bed garden, but I think this would be better to keep the critters out. Our soil is crap, and we have so many mature oak trees that most of our yard is shaded. I wonder if a greenhouse would help, or if it would need more sun than what it would get in our yard?
  4. Counting The Days

    I'm ready! I'm ready for turkey, I'm ready for morels, and I'm ready for some pond fishing after my hunts! I've been working on making Wingbone calls this week. I'll post pics when I'm on the computer ??
  5. Five pointer I harvested on November 18, 2015 with my Remington model 770.
  6. Good Luck ?

    Good luck to everyone who will be spending tomorrow in the woods! Stay safe, and keep us posted ?
  7. According to the regulations booklet, 8 Missouri counties will have deer that are captured, collared/ear tagged, and then released. The regs say not to let the presence of a collar influence your decision on whether or not to harvest the deer. If you'd harvest a collared deer do so, if not, then don't. What would you folks do given the opportunity? Two of our neighboring counties are participating in this, and although it's doubtful that any of those deer would make it clear up to where I hunt, I think it would be neat to see one. A nice buck I'd probably try to take; but even though I'm more of a doe patrol kind of girl, I think I might let a collared doe walk.... maybe? What say you[emoji780]
  8. 65!


    Pond Fishing: April 17 Caught him on the fly [emoji16] Owl feather:

    Here's a few pics from April 14 when Dad and I went fishing at the farm [emoji16][emoji476]

    Well, I haven't been on here for awhile, so to get caught up I thought I'd share some pics of Youth Turkey Season. My 13 year old niece called on that Sunday asking if I'd take her since her Daddy had a meeting at church. We set up by this old Indian mound that we call the "big rock", and we heard a few gobbles to the south. So we kept looking in that direction, and I just happened to look to my left and there were a few gobblers coming right to our decoy. Unfortunately, they saw us before we saw them, so she wasn't able to get a shot off. So, we moved around through the woods some, and eventually ran into my cousin's brother-in-law and a little boy that he was guiding. We all four sat together for a little while waiting on a bird to come closer that we had spotted in the field, but it never came. So.... She didn't get a turkey that day, but we still had a good time, and she found one of my grandparents' old mason jars in the woods and was pretty excited to bring that home to use [emoji16]
  12. Fishing Line Options

    What line do you all use for catfishing? I bought some 12# Eagle Claw mono last year, and I just can't seem to cast it very far. And, it's so thick that it's hard to tie a good knot in it. Any advice?
  13. One for the ladies - my wife's new purse

    I'm jealous!

    Dad and I went fishing on Wednesday. He caught a 10" 14oz green sunfish on his first cast, which is the biggest sunfish he's ever caught, and that's only 2oz shy of the Master Anglers Award for that species [emoji1] Then I caught one that weighed 12oz, which is my biggest to date. I also saw a good sized catfish by the bank, but my bass jig spooked it off before I could get my catfish pole fixed up. We ended up keeping 5 sunfish and 4 bass, Dad probably threw that many back, and I threw one small, baby bass back. Dad also had what looked like a nice catfish right before dark, but it got off the hook near the bank. Anyhow, Dad out-fished me again, but boy did we have fun [emoji476] Dad giving his tobacco offering at one of the Indian mounds to ensure good fishing [emoji4] Dad's big slab: Turkeys gobbling at full strut: My big slab: Old, buried, crooked turtle shell I found by the fence line where the power company cut some cedars: His spine is as crooked as mine, LOL: Our bank-side dinner: This Townsend Skinner works awesome for being 50+ years old [emoji106]

    I went to the farm on Monday to hunt for morels, and not finding any morels is well worth it when you accidentally stumble upon a fox den and get to experience a kitten barking and howling at you. Thank you, Lord for all your critters.... my day was made [emoji16] I also took a few pics while I was out there, although I didn't bring my good camera, so the turkeys are kind of hard to see: The power company is putting a new line in: This guy has been hanging there since last spring.... weird [emoji15] There are turkeys out there: More turkeys: The pond is up! Fresh deer scat.... I spooked two deer just as soon as I saw this [emoji16] Unknown mushroom: