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  1. Bbd

    Huh poacher I\'m confused r u talkin about the guy I mentioned awhile back
  2. Bbd

    And that\'s not a tent man idk what that is kinda weird and freaky there\'s nothin there but grassland and the house is right in front of me
  3. Bbd

    Well did the right thing and called the Mdc and had a CO come out and sure enough u guys were right and he wrote me a ticket for the four point rule and honestly I didn\'t know about it, not making excuses it\'s my fault for not being up to date on the regs but apparently they changed the APR\'s in platte county while I was in the army and just didn\'t get up todate on it . Does anyone know how much a ticket is for a four pnt rule violation is ? I apologize guys I don\'t like killing small bucks but I\'m on really hard times right now and just really need the meat bad I will be withdrawing the deer from the deer contest because it is illegal
  4. If I did the stuff right archery buck 50 pts +5 countable points =100 For team 4
  5. theres no set average price it depends on the area and the seller and the owner
  6. where im at in NW missouri there was a decent amount of acerns but they dropped super early and got ate early so now the deer activity in the day has spiked which will make for a good season
  7. clay where are you from that third pic looks exactly like a buck i seen the other night?
  8. well placed shot sir
  9. just.plain.awsome.
  10. good deal:thumbup:
  11. good deal
  12. good deal:thumbup:
  13. good luck buddy
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