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  1. The wife's big catfish

    Way to go! Been so busy the last year haven\'t been but may get some time this fall I hope.
  2. My sons birthday buck from this morning

    Congrats to the son and dad. I bet both are on cloud 9!!!!:thumbup: Glad to see you on here again Griz.
  3. Usernames

    I live in MO and love to go out west and hunt elk, wanted to use moelkhunter but it was taken on most sites so I just left out the e and used moelkhuntr. Everyone thinks I can\'t spel.
  4. STINK BAIT what do you use

    I really like the Sonny\'s Stinky Bait!!! Normally use the regular but used the Blood type once and had great results.
  5. Missouri Taxes?

    You wll have personnel property taxes on your vehicles and equipment that you have on a farm and any boats, motors, trailers and etc. You will have real estate taxes on property and how much depends on the county. Also if cleared or how it is clasified. Homes depend on age and what is on the exterior walls along with what kind of out buildings you have. This is all documented by your county assessor but they have a value book put out by the state that they have to follow to put a value on it. The taxed value is not what it would sell for usually. An awful lot goes into it to get a tax value for the county. If looking at a particular piece of property you can go to the county assessor and find out how much the taxes are on it before you buy it. If it has a house trailer on it, it depends whether the axles are under it how it is assessed.
  6. Wappapello is low

    Looks like they have taken Wappapello down again. Went down there today and Holiday Landing was iced in again. Ice was about 1\" thick at the boat ramp and was iced in above and below the ramp for a long ways. Drove around to the other side of the lake to look and someone had pulled out quick and didn\'t let their trailer drain and left a lot of water which turned to ice on the ramp so didn\'t think it smart to unload there so we just headed home.
  7. Wappapello is low

    Wappapello sure is low now. Where we usually put in it was only 2\' deep so will be putting in somewhere else from now on. Water was 42* and we done pretty good on the crappie today. Was using plastic and the people up the river was using minows and they done well also. Maybe it won\'t freeze over for a while again.
  8. Went to Wappapello today and a lot of it was iced in. Holliday Landing was ice and finally put in at Old Greenville and went down. Went down a couple miles and it was iced in also. Turned around and went upstream for a ride. Water was running from 36.7* to 38.0*. Was going to Clearwater but was told a lot of it was iced in also. It\'s been cold here for the average for this time of the year. I wonder if the rest of the winter will be the same. Didn\'t catch anything but didn\'t try very hard. Just got out and enjoyed the outdoors.
  9. wappapello crappie

    Went to Wappapello today. It was 32 degrees when we left and was 31 when I got in the house tonight. We had ice freezing on the line at times but we had our best day in a long time. Caught several keepers and throwed back as many as we kept. The water temp was around 41.7 degrees and we caught most of them floating with the dang wind on jigs in around 20\' to 25\' of water.
  10. wappapello crappie

    Went to Wappapello Lake Sat. evening with my son and another boat and we done pretty fair for the amount of time we were there. Started out catching keepers and then they got small. Seen several boats and people were catching quite a few. People were moving around and finding the schools and fishing them and then moving on. We were catching them on jigs and we changed colors several times. The water was 15 to 18 ft where we were and dragging the jigs on the bottom mostly worked for us.
  11. My Nephew's Buck

    Very, very nice!
  12. My Illinois Buck

    Way to go griz! Hope you got lots of pictures.
  13. Illinois bound

    griz, are you hunting in ILL. with Mark? He has sure killed some giant ones over there!
  14. ELK in MO

    I have hunted in Colorado for several years but my dad has me me beat. He has hunted in Colorado 49 years and I always wanted to take him out there for his 50th trip but he had a go around with a cow last year on Oct. 26th and broke his hip and had to be Air Evac him out so he won\'t be able to stand the trip out there that far. He is 84 and hunted out there, the good years. Maybe next year we can drive over to Peck Ranch and listen to them bugle. Maybe that is how I can repay him.:thumbup:
  15. ELK in MO

    Thank you for starting a forum for elk. I think this is great. Won\'t have to drive out west to look and listen. :thumbup: