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  1. Thunder in February

    Frost in MayI have heard others too
  2. layed off after 22 years

    Well that just stinks. Hopefully there will be a silver lining and find a better job.
  3. Good ones the neighbor brought over for me

    No spread figured on sheds. It is all antler measurement. I did find the otherside have not taped it yet but is a little bigger guessing 80\" . Thats puts it 160\" plus his spread. Got horn off this deer last year. But nobody has ever seen him.Trail pics are always midnight to 3 am.
  4. Good ones the neighbor brought over for me

    Thats a nice one to have around for next year.This one is 79 1/4 we cant find the other one though
  5. blue tongue

    They said this is changing hourly. stolen from another site.
  6. Google Adopts Anti-Gun Policy

    Me too. But I have a goggle mail account:thumbdown:
  7. Rain dance worked

    I will pay you to dance more. No wait that sounds kind of wierd. What the heck if it works.
  8. Google Adopts Anti-Gun Policy

    I just typed in ruger and it gave me a long list including rugers home page.

    I have triumph and bought a Leupold 3X9 Ultimate Slam with medium quick release rings. I should have bought the 2X7. The length of the 3x9 causes me to have to take off the rear sight. Even with tall rings i dont think i could leave the sights on.
  10. Canned meat!

    Clay Here is what we do.We cold pack ours. Fill your jar almost to the top with 1 \" chunks of meat.. Do not pack tight. Add 1 teaspoon of canning salt. One beef bouillion cube . And a piece of beef tallow. Boil lids . Put lids on . Then boil not ahard boil for 3 hours. Then let sit until all seal.A pressure cooker will speed it up greatly.
  11. Colorado Draw Results posted

    No draw for me . Muzzleloader unit 41. Had 3 points too.
  12. Anyone else having trouble?

    Would you be my guide?
  13. Hail damage

    Sorry we got hammered about 5 weeks ago. $5000 damage to wifes vehichle.Seems like hail storms are be coming more common. I wander why? Not long ago it was a rareity.
  14. Chicken of the woods

    Any body ever eat these?
  15. a few mushrooms

    Its a false morel sometimes known as an elephant ear. Some eat them some get sick. But this is true for all mushrooms.http://mdc.mo.gov/discover-nature/outdoor-recreation/how/mushrooms/poisonous-mushrooms