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  1. Squirrel Sniping

    Good shooting.
  2. Late morning

  3. It's Friday!

    Friday night is my one night off.
  4. Its friday

  5. Memorial Day Squirrels

    I'm thinking about dusting off the little longrifle and seeing what's going on in this neck of the woods. Hopefully it'll be better than that here Darren.
  6. Its friday

    Been on vacation all week and have been doing absolutely nothing.
  7. Photos from the 2016 UBM Rendezvous

    Looks like a good time was had by all.
  8. Memorial Day Squirrels

    Anyone been out lately?
  9. My 2016 Flintlock Longbeard

    My congrats!
  10. Memorial Day Squirrels

    Good to see someone is getting out.
  11. Finished this purse for the CFM auctions

    Someone is gonna be happy.
  12. Counting The Days

    Where ya gonna be headed DH?
  13. Where did everyone go

    Hopefully things will pick up.
  14. A Whopper

    That's one nice crappie...my congrats.
  15. My Oldest Granddaughters Deer

    My congrats to her...know anything about the story of it?