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    My eleven year old granddaughter was successful last weekend.
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    Next weekend is the United Bowhunters of Missouri Festival and we have a big live auction on Saturday night with all kinds of goodies up for grabs. For my donation this year, I had this box call made by Charlie Miller and this pot call (ceramic over slate) and strkers made by Vince Crawford. I made the leather holsters to carry them around in. The holsters have a vegetable-tanned cowhide frame covered in ostrich skin. The trim is deer and I sewed everything up by hand with artificial sinew. Hopefully, they will make the club a little money. Darren
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    I shot this nice buck Tuesday evening on my buddy's place in Kansas. There is a small wood lot on the northwest corner of the property and I was sitting in a hackberry tree at a place where a field, a horse pasture, and some CRP ground come together. Around 6:30, this buck came out of the field, crossed the wood lot 50 yards in front of me, and was getting ready to enter the CRP. I grunted to him a couple of times and he turned to investigate. When he got close I noticed how white his antlers and face were and that really got me excited because I have never taken a really mature deer before. At 15 yards, he turned broadside to me and started browsing on some leaves. I sent an arrow his way and watched him crash off into the brush. I got down out of my stand, sneaked out of the woods, and met up with my hunting partner, Brian Peterson. We gave the deer a couple of hours before we took up the blood trail. We found him cold and stiff about 75 yards from where I shot him. Notice his lack of eye guards and roman nose. I thought that was pretty cool and I'm thankful to have taken such a noble animal. He's quartered up in a cooler on my porch right now waiting to be boned out and put away this Saturday. I will honor his spirit by feeding my family with his flesh this winter. Life is good! Darren
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    Good for her! That will be some fine eating! Darren
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    Got back yesterday from my Quebec caribou hunt with Jack Hume Adventures. We didn't see very many animals so the hunt was tough. However, I was able to pull it off on the last day with only 30 minutes left to hunt. I guess I wanted to get all my money's worth! We weren't seeing that many caribou at our first camp on Ronald Lake so they moved us to another camp on Simon Lake last Friday. We hated leaving the camp and especially our camp hand, Jimmy, but we hoped we would have more opportunities at the second place. We did. This was the second bull I saw Sunday morning, the last day. The first one caught me moving and, after screwing that up, I figured the odds of me seeing another bull in the next 50 minutes was slim at best. Fortunately, the Caribou Gods smiled upon me and I spotted a second bull coming my way about 20 minutes later. I knew I would have to let him get right even with me before I drew or he would see me and spook. I also knew that I would have to lead him a bit because those guys never stop walking and they walk fast! When the bull got even with me, I picked a spot in front of his front shoulder and hoped I had led him enough. By the time I let go of the string, he was past me and quartering away. Fortunately, I had guessed right and my arrow hit him perfectly in the ribs with the broadhead burying into the off shoulder. There was a big patch of his hide already covered in blood as I watched him run down towards the lake and out of sight. The shot was a little over 20 yards. I used a 55# Quest longbow made by Wild Horse Creek Bows, a homemade mahogany arrow, and a 190 grain Meathead broadhead. With the arrival of our float plane imminent, my hunting buddy, John Henning, and I set out to find the bull immediately. We went to the place where we had last seen the animal and then headed towards the lake shore. Within five minutes, John hollered at me that my bull was lying in the lake up by where he was. I was excited that I was able to pull off a last-second kill and relieved that we were able to find him so quickly. John then ran back to camp and, in short order, our camp hands, Jacque and Guy, had a rope around the bull's neck and towed him back to camp with a motor boat. After showing the camp hands what the "gutless method" was (they had no idea) we quickly got the bull skinned and quartered. I had just enough time to finish packing and change clothes before our float plane arrived to take us back to base camp. The whole week was quite an adventure and not something I'll forget about any time soon! Darren This is how we found him, floating in the water Me taking my victory drink! My hunting partner, John Henning Making espresso on the tundra. A man still needs the finer things in life! Sunset on Simon Lake A nice pike I caught the last morning in camp Our camp at Simon Lake John and Jimmy, our first camp hand, glassing for caribou Water is everywhere! A nice rainbow We had a cool bus driver back at base camp
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    Just selling all the meat for those cook outs. Working retail really messes up holidays and can have an adverse effect on how you feel about them.
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    I'm in the burbs too, but I raise a vegetable garden, fruit orchard of sorts(peaches, plums, apples, mulberries, blueberries, blackberries, raspberries, figs, grapes and mandarin oranges) and New Zealand White rabbits for personal use and to sell processed and packaged to coworkers and friends. I'll try to get some pics of the rabbits to post tomorrow.
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    No Farmin' here in the burbs, but just up the highway, the grandkids have 4H pigs going. Dang things are like Big smelly puppies. Gentle as can be and LOVE attention.
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    I'm going to pretend I know what all that stuff is. I seen 'maters at the end of one row, but the rest don't look like anything I ever tried to grow. The garden in general looks better than mine ever did !
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    No row crops on our farm but we do put up hay for our horses and the guy who cuts it takes the rest. Best of both worlds, free hay and don't have to buy equipment. We also raise chickens but get way more eggs than we can use so we give them to friends and family. Always have a big garden. I would like to run some cattle but the wife isn't crazy about the idea. Actually I have enough to do on this place as it is.
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    Got our hay put up before the rain but if its dry enough have some brush hogging to do. Got some folks coming out to fish our lake tomorrow so nothing big, we did that last week on vacation with the kids/grandkids.
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    It was raining at daylight both Saturday and Sunday at my house but after the showers quit I got out to see if I could add some meat to the stew pot. It was hard for me to keep my powder dry with all the water dripping off the trees and a few squirrels got a pass when my flinter didn't ignite the way it should have. I did manage to kill three, though. Hunting them is tough this time of year. The little S.O.B.s never stay still and the cover is so thick that I just get lucky when one stops in an open area long enough for me to get a bead on him. Another thing is that it seems all I ever kill in the early season is old boars. It's still fun, though, and I surely do love to watch that cloud of blue smoke wafting through the air! Darren
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    Didn't realize you were in Louisiana. That make sense then because my sis in law has been getting maters since about April. We were down visiting in March and a buddy from there took me to Venice for redfish and we had a blast. I boated a 30lber. Stayed at his buddy's fish camp and had a boil. Great time and folks. Love it down there. You guys are so lucky to have so much great fishing and hunting. We're good here but no salt water. Thanks for keeping this going.
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    In Louisiana it gets hot real early. Pulled my tomato plants out this past weekend. My garden is usually done by July 4th. Any later than that and until September the stink bugs are too bad to keep off the plants. Spraying will keep them away for a few days, but that's about all you can expect. Not worth the fight.
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    Pulled up all my tomato plants this weekend. They are done. Was able to can tomatoes this year, which I have been unable to do for quite awhile. Still have cucumber and peppers left.
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    Interestingly this post has over 70 views and few responses most of which are mine. MoHuntress, that does not sound like a small garden. Bowonly, how and the heck did you get 40 lbs of maters already? I just picked my first ripe one yesterday. Our garden is doing well and for the first time I'm growing artichokes. I hope people keep posting on this thread.
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    I just canned 40lbs of tomatoes early this week. The only thing doing well in the garden besides the tomatoes is my Cajun bellpepper and the cucumbers after being in the ground for 2 months are just now starting to vine.
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    Congrats MoHuntress! Something happened to my computer and was unable to login since sometime last fall.
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    Started squirrel hunting with my dad and killed my first squirrel at age 5 so that gives me 44 yrs of hunting experience. 802+44=846
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    All the cool kids are on the "Missouri 'species of deer'" site. Its a great place where people get ripped for any thought or question, questioned about validity of anything they say, and full of long standing arguments between self proclaimed gurus!
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    Mohuntress you will love the Hevishot 6's or the Magnum Blend shells Hevi13 5's or 6's for turkeys
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    Come join us at the 30th annual United Bowhunters of Missouri Festival. This family-friendly event has something for everyone; seminars, auctions, vendors, raffles, food and a whole lot more! Come learn about falconry, 3D target repair, flight archery and hunting mountain goats in British Columbia. Try to win a custom Black Widow bow (a $1000 value) and stay for the banquet to hear guest speaker, Dean Derby, talk about hunting Colorado's Big Ten with a stick and string. This is a a great event for the hardcore hunter and someone who is just thinking about getting into the sport. A good time is guaranteed and you'll be surrounded by some of the finest folks on the planet! Festival Registration Info Schedule Of Events Facebook Event Page Black Widow Bow Raffle Tickets Darren
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    I made these two arm guards for a couple in Florida. They don't bowhunt but they compete in SCA archery tournaments. The Society for Creative Anachronisms is a group of folks who role play living during the Renaissance Era. I met the husband, Eric, several years ago when he was on a traditional archery forum looking for a bow string. I told him I'd make him one and we struck up a friendship. For Christmas this year, he and his wife, Kelly, decided to give each other one of my arm guards. I told them that all they needed to do was pay for the leather. Both arm guards are made from elephant hide and are trimmed in deer. I carved the lace hooks out of deer antler and sewed everything up by hand using artificial sinew. Darren
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    Nice buck. I didn't even get a shot during regular season, then got one only day I could make it during antlerless, but I don't know what happened. Deer jumped and ran off after the shot with tail high, but I never found blood, or it laying anywhere after looking for 5 hours.
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    Thats the bluest sky I\'ve ever seen. Did you use a polarizing filter Mo?