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    Went to feed this morning, stepped out the Door there is four Squirrels out in the yard. Decided to work on Neighbor Relations. So went got the Rifle. Had campers from the city across the road, so didn't want to shoot towards them. Moved on the other side of the Squirrels. Two went up the tree by the Garage. Ok this is Good. Shoot one drops. Wait the other one is watching me, jumps down on the Garage. Not wanting to shoot holes in the roof I run around back. It is going for the Big Timber. I pull up and shoot it drops. Pick them up and put them on the Porch. Go ahead and feed. Come back around the house there is my Son and my Granddaughter. Son is laughing. What you laughing at? My Girl went in asked Grandma if she knew she had two dead Squirrels on the Porch? Go to clean them, my Granddaughter helped. She says that one is a Boy. It was an Old Boar. I said yes I got a Boy and a Girl. Was cleaning the other one, she looks at me. Grandpa you sure that one is a Girl? I took another look. You are right this is a Young Boy just has a Little one. Funny I have couple Grandkids in the city that would freak just seeing them on the Porch, much less help clean them. Seems natural a kid like my Granddaughter learning about Life and Things. oneshot