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    Fishing Line Options

    What line do you all use for catfishing? I bought some 12# Eagle Claw mono last year, and I just can't seem to cast it very far. And, it's so thick that it's hard to tie a good knot in it. Any advice?
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    Because I'm All About The Bass....

    Ok, so I got a little bored [emoji13]
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    Fuji JZ100 video with sound

    Here is a video from the Fuji JZ100 camera (14mp). The camera is set up to take color video during the day and color pictures at night
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    General Zod

    Late post.

    I would have put this up sooner but I was having trouble uploading pictures. Opening day of turkey season me and a buddy stumbled across a huge patch of mushrooms. This was what we could fit in our pockets. Then we went back and picked a bunch more. Each bag was 3 pounds. And heres a few more from the same spot 5 days later.
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    We are looking for a nice campground with stuff for kids to do for Memorial Day weekend. I\'ve scoured the internet and found many good ones it\'s just that I know looks can be deceiving both for the good and bad. Was hoping maybe someone on here would have some suggestions of previous stays etc. We are pulling a travel trailer and with gas prices climbing and time being an issue, I\'m wanting to stay within a 3 hour drive which covers most of Missouri. .... thanks in advance.
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    Looking for a lease

    I am looking for a lease, within an hour and half of st.peters would be ideal. Looking for a smaller plot possibly just 1 hunter to bow hunt deer and turkey hunt but at the most 3 hunters depending on the land. Willing to work out a variety of deals cash, work, give the land owner meat, I am open to ideas. Let me know if you know of land just message me and i\'ll get back with you. Thank you and enjoy your holidays.