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  2. Finally have my arrows finished for the season!

    So purdy. Hope to see some of them blood stained real soon.
  3. Finally have my arrows finished for the season!

    Very nice
  4. With only 2 weeks to spare, I finally finished my arrows for the upcoming season. It's a labor of love that takes me a lot of time but I enjoy every minute of it! These are mahogany shafts that I got from Kevin Forrester, of Forrester Wood Shafts. He makes the best hardwood shafts available in my opinion. He also sends 14 shafts when you buy a dozen. The shafts have been dyed, had designs burned onto them, colored with markers and paint, and sealed up with polyurethane. The finished weight of my arrow this year is around 640 grains which is over 100 grains lighter than I normally shoot. I am, once again, hunting with 190 grain Meathead broadheads. They are easy to sharpen and get the job done. Come on September 15th! Darren
  5. Drought

    I have been monitoring the drought map for Missouri and looks pretty serious up there for y'all. Anybody finding in dead bucks due to the drought? I know on my trip to Missouri in 2012 after a severe drought I found 6 dead bucks on the public property I was hunting.
  6. My new custom box call

    Beautiful calls. And what a keepsake for them to have come from wood off the family farm. Congrats Darren!
  7. My new custom box call

    I wanted to share this pleasant surprise that I received yesterday. This is a box call made by a feller I went to high school with by the name of David Ferguson. I hadn't spoken to David since he graduated from school in 1981, a year ahead of me, and had no idea he had become a renowned call maker until I saw an article about him in a magazine a few years ago. He and I have now become reacquainted through Facebook and have found we share several interests. I had a gig to play Monday night down where we grew up and he told me to come over to his place Tuesday to visit a spell. Interestingly enough, when I asked David for directions to his house he told me I ought to know them because he was living on my great-uncle Otho Haverstick's farm in Ink, MO. Uncle Otho died back in the 70's so I had to get my directions refreshed a little. So I went over there this morning to visit and was really excited to see his operation. However, I was completely bowled over when he presented me with two matching calls that he had made for me and my brother, Dale. The butternut body and the osage lid had both come from trees off of that farm that my Uncle Otho used to own. To say these calls are special is an understatement! Darrren Here's a sound clip of me using the call. Its tone is incredible! I bet someone skilled at using a box call could really make it sing. Hopefully, I will be able to put it to good use this fall or spring.
  8. Camoskinz camo truck wraps

    My friend, Scott Hesterly, and his wife, Mindy, own Onestringer Arrow Wraps in Republic, MO. She printed out camo wraps and covered his Jeep. It looked nice and and was quite durable. I think he sold that Jeep last year with the wraps on it. Darren
  9. Camoskinz camo truck wraps

    Has anyone tried "camo wrapping" their truck with camo vinyl graphics like these? www.camoskinz.com If so, how did it go?
  10. Stick and string squirrel

    Yeah, I got a couple Judos I keep on the quiver but still need to fletch up some flu-flu's.
  11. Stick and string squirrel

    For squirrels on the ground, I use judo points. For squirrels in trees, I use flu-flu arrows tipped with blunts or hex heads. Darren
  12. Stick and string squirrel

    Nice shoot'n. To be honest, I'm too tight to risk losing an arrow on a squirrel. The situation has to be just right. I've done it only once.
  13. Stick and string squirrel

    I've been working on the bushytails pretty hard around the house with my flintlock smoothbore but yesterday I decided to switch it up and use a longbow. Worked out well for me. Not so much for the squirrel. Darren
  14. Looks like Kansas this fall

    Congrats on the draw. Kansas has a rep for producing some real wallhangers. Best of luck to you and your party.
  15. Looks like Kansas this fall

    My plans this fall have changed. I was set on hunting Mark Twain Cedar Creek Unit as I did in 2016 but was approached by a good friend of mine at church to see if I would apply for the Kansas lottery along with several other members of our church community. And what do you know, we were drawn. Never been to Kansas but my buddy says it should prove to be a great hunt. Still trying to narrow down the public area(s) we will be hunting, but I plan on going off his recommendations. I hope to give a good report back this fall. God bless.
  16. Does anybody................

    I still check in weekly but not seeing much in the way of activity either.
  17. Does anybody................

    Check again, Dave. It is very quiet round here.
  18. Does anybody................

    Darren, I think you might be right. MoHuntress where are you?
  19. Does anybody................

    RB, I posted something last week but I don't think anyone has looked at it. The place is kinda dead. Darren
  20. post here anymore?
  21. Success on our squirrel opening weekend!

    great way to start the season
  22. Ole Betsy and I were out bright and early last Saturday to start thinning the local squirrel herd. It was hotter than seven kinds of hell so the bushytails weren't that active but I managed to bring a few home over the long weekend. They can generally be found right off my front porch in my bird feeders but killing those is just too easy. If one is out there when I walk out with Ole Betsy, I always give them a headstart before I go after them. I'm still not too proud to shoot one from the porch every now again, though. A man has to defend his property! The gun I use is a 12 gauge cylinder bore made by my good friend, John Pruitt. It has a large Siler lock and a 42" Colerain barrel. My squirrel load is 60 grains of 3F powder, 1 overpowder card, 1/4" lubed fiber wad, 1 1/2 oz. #6 shot in a pillow ticking shot cup, and 1 overshot card. The last squirrel I shot fell out the tree and almost landed on top of one of my beehives. That could have been interesting... Darren
  23. I finished this shooting bag for a good friend, and fellow blackpowder hunter, just in time for turkey season. He is a taxidermist and had done a lot of work for me without charge. After I badgered him a while he finally said he would take a shooting bag as payment. He wanted it specifically for turkey hunting so that's what he got. The stalls hold pre-measured powder and shot and the other pockets are for a pot call and strikers. The body of the bag is bison hide. The turkey fan is made from tanned carp skin and the turkey feet are ostrich leg skin. The morel mushrooms are made from rattlesnake skin and all the trim is New Zealand red deer hide. I carved the buttons and clasp from deer antler and everything was sewn by hand using artificial sinew. Hopefully, I will get a picture of this bag laying next to a big gobbler this spring! Darren
  24. Where.......

    Just enjoying being retired and doing whatever I want. Every day is Saturday.
  25. Where.......

    Im good, thanks. Been real busy. What have you been up to?
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