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  2. Nice pics. I think it will all be over by April 17 since we are 2 months ahead of normal. Couple people said hens are laying already.
  3. All the cool kids are on the "Missouri 'species of deer'" site. Its a great place where people get ripped for any thought or question, questioned about validity of anything they say, and full of long standing arguments between self proclaimed gurus!
  4. I certainly like seeing this on my trail camera behind the house! I've got seven gobblers hanging out together and some of them are roosting about 100 yards from the back porch. You can bet that on April 17th I will be laying for these guys with a sweet call on my lips and a sharp broadhead! Darren
  5. Fixing to start breaking ground too. With all the flowers up and trees budding it defiantly wont be long. But I'm betting winters not completely over yet. I hope so, lol.
  6. I checked it out years ago, and if memory serves they only accept large shipments. a dozen or so tails ain't gonna cut it.
  7. Glad you found your way back. Just keep posting and maybe we can get this place turned around. It would most likely cheaper to convert the 2400 you already have than buy a Marauder but the purpose built marauder will be a much neater unit.
  8. I noticed that there hasn't been much activity here in sometime. Perhaps linking to a Facebook page would help? I just moved to Missouri in 2013, still trying to get on my feet due to health issues, but still VERY interested in outdoor activities. Would like to discuss fishing, hunting and where to go with folks.
  9. I don't know when the next person will be in here, but I just have to mention something. I see all these squirrel hunting pictures, what do you do with the tails? If you're just tossing them away I've a suggestion for ya's. With your significant other's permission, keep a place in your freezer to save them tails. Mepps brand fishing lures uses them to make their classic Mepps spinners. Here's the link for ya's....and happy hunting!
  10. Heh! I started this thread then lost the link to the forum, only an email from the admins called me back. Wish it was more active though! I was going to turn my 2400kt into a pcp with some mods, but with the introduction of the Marauder, why bother?! I might still put the fake silencer on it and a shoulder stock because it looks a bit odd with just a pistol grip and a 14" long barrel! LOL
  11. The Conservation Federation of Missouri's annual convention is in a couple of weeks and they have a silent auction that the United Bowhunters of Missouri always donates an item to. This year, I wanted to get a turkey call from a local call maker, craft a leather holster for it and donate the pair to the auction. This is the end result. I contacted Scott Ashburn (Scott's Custom Turkey Calls) to get a call from him and when he heard what I had planned he donated the call to the cause. The holster I made for it has a vegetable-tanned cowhide frame covered in hippopotamus hide. The trim is deer and it's all sewed up by hand using artificial sinew. Thanks again, Scott! Darren
  12. Haha!! This was a great thread!
  13. Beautiful!!!!
  14. Mohuntress you will love the Hevishot 6's or the Magnum Blend shells Hevi13 5's or 6's for turkeys
  15. definitely time to turn my attention towards both snow geese and turkeys going to use the Magnum Blends from Hevishot with the new Benelli I cannot wait
  16. is anyone else using Hevimetal?.....I used it this past season and was blown away with the patterns I got and how effectively and cleanly my ducks were shot
  17. Lots of snows moving through NE Arkansas headed the Benelli and Hevimetal BB's ready to go
  18. Next weekend is the United Bowhunters of Missouri Festival and we have a big live auction on Saturday night with all kinds of goodies up for grabs. For my donation this year, I had this box call made by Charlie Miller and this pot call (ceramic over slate) and strkers made by Vince Crawford. I made the leather holsters to carry them around in. The holsters have a vegetable-tanned cowhide frame covered in ostrich skin. The trim is deer and I sewed everything up by hand with artificial sinew. Hopefully, they will make the club a little money. Darren
  19. You should post this info on smo's Facebook page.
  20. Those are BEAUTIFUL!!! You're so talented!
  21. Has anyone found any sheds yet?
  22. I made these two arm guards for a couple in Florida. They don't bowhunt but they compete in SCA archery tournaments. The Society for Creative Anachronisms is a group of folks who role play living during the Renaissance Era. I met the husband, Eric, several years ago when he was on a traditional archery forum looking for a bow string. I told him I'd make him one and we struck up a friendship. For Christmas this year, he and his wife, Kelly, decided to give each other one of my arm guards. I told them that all they needed to do was pay for the leather. Both arm guards are made from elephant hide and are trimmed in deer. I carved the lace hooks out of deer antler and sewed everything up by hand using artificial sinew. Darren
  23. Come join us at the 30th annual United Bowhunters of Missouri Festival. This family-friendly event has something for everyone; seminars, auctions, vendors, raffles, food and a whole lot more! Come learn about falconry, 3D target repair, flight archery and hunting mountain goats in British Columbia. Try to win a custom Black Widow bow (a $1000 value) and stay for the banquet to hear guest speaker, Dean Derby, talk about hunting Colorado's Big Ten with a stick and string. This is a a great event for the hardcore hunter and someone who is just thinking about getting into the sport. A good time is guaranteed and you'll be surrounded by some of the finest folks on the planet! Festival Registration Info Schedule Of Events Facebook Event Page Black Widow Bow Raffle Tickets Darren
  24. Soon, it'll be time to put in a garden. I bought some seed yesterday.
  25. For the past month I have not been able to post any pictures. I click on the the "Insert other media" drop down and then pick "Insert image from URL". A dialog box appears but the busy icon just spins and spins and spins. Any ideas about what is causing this? I am using Google Chrome as my browser. Another thing I've noticed recently is that folks, including me, are getting double posts. You post something on a thread and it shows up twice. What's up with that? Darren
  26. He did a nice job! Darren
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