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  2. I know I'm a year behind on updating this post, but I wanted to let everyone know that my hunting experience was a pleasant one there. Won't be there this year due to being selected for Iowa, but in future years I will return.
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  4. glad you put up these pix's, had 2 and sometime 3 camera,s out a few weeks and NO BUCKs here for some reason???
  5. A nice 8 in my yard. Young deer.][/URL]
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  7. You all may not know this but I was recently asked to chair the Conservation Federation of Missouri's Share The Harvest committee. This is a program where hunters can help out the less fortunate in their communities by donating deer meat to help feed them. With Missouri's archery season less than a week away, I wanted to remind all you hunters what a great program this is and urge you to participate if you can. Just donating a couple pounds of your meat to this cause will help and you won't even miss it. This year, the CFM has increased their payment for whole-deer donations to $75. That mean $75 of the processing cost for a donated deer is already covered. In a lot of places, your out-of-pocket cost for donating a deer will be nothing. For more information about the program, go here: Share The Harvest or contact me. Darren Haverstick
  8. Nice! Congrats!
  9. baitin hook and taking fish off sounds fun to me too. We didn't catch a bunch but just being on the river was nice!! Sat Saturday evening and watch the sun go down and not a boat in sight. very relaxing.
  10. Heck ya!! Congrats on a hunt of a lifetime. I seen it over on MWT too.
  11. Got back yesterday from my Quebec caribou hunt with Jack Hume Adventures. We didn't see very many animals so the hunt was tough. However, I was able to pull it off on the last day with only 30 minutes left to hunt. I guess I wanted to get all my money's worth! We weren't seeing that many caribou at our first camp on Ronald Lake so they moved us to another camp on Simon Lake last Friday. We hated leaving the camp and especially our camp hand, Jimmy, but we hoped we would have more opportunities at the second place. We did. This was the second bull I saw Sunday morning, the last day. The first one caught me moving and, after screwing that up, I figured the odds of me seeing another bull in the next 50 minutes was slim at best. Fortunately, the Caribou Gods smiled upon me and I spotted a second bull coming my way about 20 minutes later. I knew I would have to let him get right even with me before I drew or he would see me and spook. I also knew that I would have to lead him a bit because those guys never stop walking and they walk fast! When the bull got even with me, I picked a spot in front of his front shoulder and hoped I had led him enough. By the time I let go of the string, he was past me and quartering away. Fortunately, I had guessed right and my arrow hit him perfectly in the ribs with the broadhead burying into the off shoulder. There was a big patch of his hide already covered in blood as I watched him run down towards the lake and out of sight. The shot was a little over 20 yards. I used a 55# Quest longbow made by Wild Horse Creek Bows, a homemade mahogany arrow, and a 190 grain Meathead broadhead. With the arrival of our float plane imminent, my hunting buddy, John Henning, and I set out to find the bull immediately. We went to the place where we had last seen the animal and then headed towards the lake shore. Within five minutes, John hollered at me that my bull was lying in the lake up by where he was. I was excited that I was able to pull off a last-second kill and relieved that we were able to find him so quickly. John then ran back to camp and, in short order, our camp hands, Jacque and Guy, had a rope around the bull's neck and towed him back to camp with a motor boat. After showing the camp hands what the "gutless method" was (they had no idea) we quickly got the bull skinned and quartered. I had just enough time to finish packing and change clothes before our float plane arrived to take us back to base camp. The whole week was quite an adventure and not something I'll forget about any time soon! Darren This is how we found him, floating in the water Me taking my victory drink! My hunting partner, John Henning Making espresso on the tundra. A man still needs the finer things in life! Sunset on Simon Lake A nice pike I caught the last morning in camp Our camp at Simon Lake John and Jimmy, our first camp hand, glassing for caribou Water is everywhere! A nice rainbow We had a cool bus driver back at base camp
  12. Turkey harvester, that sounds like a great plan. Wish I was going fishin'. We have all the kids and grandkids coming out to the farm for the weekend. I won't be fishing but will be baiting hooks and taking them off. Weather should be great this weekend for whatever you all are doing.
  13. with the 3 day weekend, I'm planning to fish the upper current river one day and eleven point the next day. Hopefully have enough fish for a good fry.
  14. I've seen about a dozen bucks in the last 2-3 weeks that have lost their velvet. Some big, some small. Gonna put out some cams at the house and see what Ive got there. Anyone else seeing hard horns?
  15. Looking at changing the rear brakes on my truck and continue to fine tune my archery skills for the upcoming season. I think my wife is interested in inviting some friends over for a game night Saturday. That's always fun. Oh, and college football starts this weekend!!
  16. Going to try to keep this up this year. With 3rd party hosting eliminated from photobucket, not sure how I will post pics though. God speed to everyone this upcoming hunting season.
  17. I don't do facebook, so hunting forums are my social media outlet. I'll try to post some material Mrs MO.
  18. Just pulled up the link. Looks like tough hunting. God speed and shoot straight Darren.
  19. Good luck Darren. Sounds like a blast.
  20. Haven't had one of these for a while. It's Friday, got big plans for the weekend? Its brush hogging season at our place so that's what I'll be doing.
  21. I will be starting the long drive to Montreal tomorrow morning where I will meet up with 5 other stickbow shooters so we can go chase caribou in northern Quebec. I have always wanted to see the migration and this is my chance to do so. I have a DeLorme InReach device and will be posting occasionally with it to document our adventure. If you want to follow along you can do so by: 1) going to this link: 2) Searching on Facebook for posts under my name or United Bowhunters Of Missouri 3) Follow unitedbowsofmo on Twitter. Wish me luck! Darren
  22. Just got back from a 2 week vacation in New England. The weather and scenery puts it into consideration for retirement living.
  23. Sounds like you had a ball. Pun intended.
  24. The wife went everyday I think but I had work so only made a few trips. As mentioned in anouther post, Some of my Grand kids had hogs entered in the 4H Hog Show. Very proud Paw-paw here. Eldest G'daughter had 2 hogs (different classes) and took Grand Champion in class with one and Reserve Champion in class with the other. The eldest G'son also had 2 hogs (again different classes) and got Reserve Champion in both classes. Their little brother showed just one hog in the jackpot show and took Grand Champion in class. Kids did Great. The wife and I had a great time, Rodeo, Truck/Tractor Pulls, livestock shows, Parade, Kids parade, ect. Even got to try....Let's just call them "Rocky Mountain Oysters"... for the first time. Yes I'd eat them again. On after thought, them things scream for a bit of hot sauce. No, the wife did not and will not try them. Come to think of it, I don't think she even kissed me the rest of the night.
  25. Even though it was a bit warm yesterday evening, I couldn't help but get out and try to thin the local squirrel herd. Fortunately, I didn't have to get more than 20 yards from the house. I first went out just to listen. I heard one barking behind my old chicken coop so I ran in the house, got Ole Betsy, and came back out hoping it was still there. It was and I killed it in short order while standing in the yard. When I stepped into the woods to collect my prize, I spied another one doing squirrel stuff in a nearby tree. I didn't have any load material with me so I ran back into the house, ran a few cleaning patches down the barrel, loaded her up, and went back out in hot pursuit. It took me about 10 minutes to locate my target and Ole Betsy helped it draw its last breath. I'm confident that the camo hat I had on was what made my hunt so short. I'm going to my mom's place tomorrow to pick blackberries with her and, along with some deer and moose, I'll be bringing her some squirrels to eat. It's just like when I was a kid! Darren
  26. We just stayed home on the farm all weekend. We had been at Truman lake the week before so it was nice to just do nothing but relax in the pool. did pick a lot of cukes, some ripe tomatoes and 4 lbs of green beans. Have more to pick tomorrow. Probably won't do anything this weekend either. Got a lot of brush hogging to do.
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