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  2. Looks like a great weekend Darren. Congrats! Always good to meet and make new friends.
  3. Had a great weekend with my new friend, Joe Hollingshad, the owner of Devil's Backbone Wilderness Outfitters near Dora, MO. Joe invited me to hunt on his place with my longbow a couple of weeks ago and learned that I also hunt with a traditional muzzleloader. Not having anyone else to play with, he invited me to come back the second weekend of our firearms deer season to hunt with a smokepole. We had a great time dressing up in our leathers and telling stories of past hunts. Joe has some very nice bucks on his place but we were both hoping just to get some meat. The weather sucked on Saturday with the mach 4 winds but Sunday morning was prime. Within a couple of hours of daylight we both had does on the ground and Joe's grandson, Levi, killed his first deer ever; a nice 8-pointer. Can't wait to visit with these fine folks again! Darren
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  5. Sweet buck. Congrats!
  6. Love seeing the young ones out there hunting. Congrats to her!
  7. Super buck. Congrats!
  8. Very Nice Buck, congrats !! Well done
  9. 10/24/17 Decided to sit a stand that was set up on an oak ridge that showed lots of sign of buck movement through this area....lots of rubs and scrapes. Along with sign of deer feeding on acorns. Wind is a little stronger than I like but not long after daylight a young forkhorn buck works his way through the oaks. A little later I hear crunching in the leaves and look on the next ridge over to see a good buck making his way across the draw onto the ridge I am sitting. I give him a few grunts to slow him down and possibly work him into shooting range. He stops and begins working his way toward me but a closer look through the binos reveals he is not what I drove to Iowa for. Right before I get down for lunch a spike works his way through the oaks cruising. That afternoon I am sitting in an opening between 2 cedar thickets that borders a standing cornfield. Saw 1 deer but my movement caught its attention before I could tell if it was a buck or doe. Thus ends day 1 of my hunt.
  10. 10/23/17 Scouting continues. Starting to narrow down some sort of pattern for feeding and traveling/deer movement. Began setting stands.
  11. 10/22/17 Began scouting field edges and areas that I had picked out studying maps that I had ordered earlier in the year. Deer sign is easy to find. Hard to decide which area is better than others. Did notice that all acorns from oaks have already dropped.
  12. 10/21/17 Arrived at Pisgah city park and set up camp. Went into Onawa for church/mass that afternoon. Will start scouting tomorrow.
  13. Congrats, sounds like a great trip.
  14. Killed a big doe earlier in the trip also.
  15. So Wednesday I found an old grown up field littered with sign. Checked wind direction for the following day and set a stand accordingly. Thursday evening I climbed into my setup around 2 pm. The afternoon was very uneventful and saw me scrolling thru forums and Midwest Whitetail videos on my phone as well as keeping tabs on all my buds out hunting in the woods around the country. So 5:30 rolls around and I lean back in my stand. I think I may have even closed my eyes for a minute..... I hear crunching in the leaves behind me and to my left. I slowly turn my head and see a doe in the edge of the field making her way in my direction. She passes to my left within 10yds. That's when I hear more leaves and brush breaking in the same direction she came from. I don't want to move because the does is so close but eventually I'm able to get my head and eyes around to the point I can see a nice buck at the tree line working an overhead branch with his antlers. He steps into the field about 60 yds out. By this time the doe is right below me feeding on some little berry things that have never seen before. While she is occupied I reach for my bow and clip my release on. I can see 9pts on the bucks rack. If he follows the doe's path I will have a 10yd shot. But he doesn't. He veers out into the field keeping a bit of distance between he and her. There is very little in the way of markers in this field of shoulder high grass, but earlier I had ranged some different colored weeds and he was heading directly for a group of these weeds that are 30yds away. He pausing every few steps to nibble on the tops of some of the grasses/weeds. When he approaches the stuff I had ranged I come to full draw(the doe is oblivious still what is going on above her). He pauses...I center my 30yd pin on his shoulder....squeeze the shot off....and I hear that vacuum breaking sound as the arrow passed thru his chest. The buck kicks straight up into the air and runs headlong to the corner of the field in front of me....he stops and all I can see are his head and his tail. His head is hanging low and his tail is flickering back and forth at a feverish pace. I think to myself, "he's gonna go down right there!" But I lose sight of him and a minute later I think I hear a crash. That's when the shakes set in. I give him 45 minutes and get down. The impact site has good blood but in the dark and tall grass I can't find any more. I walk to where I last saw him and to my disappointment he isn't there....and no blood....and to make matters worse a deer blows at me from the brush and I think that I have just jumped him. I turn off my light and sneak out heartbroken. I drink a few beers to help me get to sleep and am back at the last place I saw him at daylight Friday. But this time the sun allows me to see what missed last night...blood and lots of it. Just a little over 20yds into the treeline off the field there he is in all his glory. I practically fall to my knees thanking God for this opportunity and for making me a bowhunter! And I have another surprise....he's a 10 with a kicker on his right base. My best buck ever!
  16. That's a fine deer! It's better to be lucky than good. Congratulations! Darren
  17. It's been about since 2012 since I've been on here, had to go through some old post to even find my user name, that being said I arrowed a nice buck last Sunday morning, I had actually started my morning off in a different stand, and got busted by a doe. So I did something I had never done before, and went to a different stand in the middle of a hunt. Pulled the SD card out of my camera got in the stand and started looking through the card pics and noticed this buck had been to my stand the day before at 8:30 a.m. I looked at my phone it was 8:28 a.m. I looked up and he was jumping the fence 20 yards from me.
  18. Awesome!
  19. Good for her! That will be some fine eating! Darren
  20. My eleven year old granddaughter was successful last weekend.
  21. Woweeee! Very nice! Congratulations!!
  22. Congrats on a very nice buck
  23. I shot this nice buck Tuesday evening on my buddy's place in Kansas. There is a small wood lot on the northwest corner of the property and I was sitting in a hackberry tree at a place where a field, a horse pasture, and some CRP ground come together. Around 6:30, this buck came out of the field, crossed the wood lot 50 yards in front of me, and was getting ready to enter the CRP. I grunted to him a couple of times and he turned to investigate. When he got close I noticed how white his antlers and face were and that really got me excited because I have never taken a really mature deer before. At 15 yards, he turned broadside to me and started browsing on some leaves. I sent an arrow his way and watched him crash off into the brush. I got down out of my stand, sneaked out of the woods, and met up with my hunting partner, Brian Peterson. We gave the deer a couple of hours before we took up the blood trail. We found him cold and stiff about 75 yards from where I shot him. Notice his lack of eye guards and roman nose. I thought that was pretty cool and I'm thankful to have taken such a noble animal. He's quartered up in a cooler on my porch right now waiting to be boned out and put away this Saturday. I will honor his spirit by feeding my family with his flesh this winter. Life is good! Darren
  24. Thanks for posting bowonly. For a minute there I thought I was the last one on here.
  25. Bowonly reporting in! Truck packed for Iowa trip. Leaving after work today.
  26. 10/20/17 Leaving after work today for Pisgah, Iowa to hunt the Loess Hills State Forest for 2 weeks. Anticipation level is such that I can't concentrate on work today.
  27. After work today I will be leaving for central western Iowa. This is a hunt I have been planning for 4 yrs. I hope it is worth the wait. I will give a report upon my return. God bless!
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